What People Say

I recently enrolled into the 'Digital Marketing Starters' program and has been completely amazed by the quality of the resources that the program offers with real life examples all through out. The program effectively covers all the important sectors of Digital Marketing, from Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization to E-commerce and it's not about learning theories only with the modules rather the program puts special emphasizes on how you can put these theories in practice in your workplace. The topics that that each module covers are simply overwhelming as there are quite a few topics across different modules which are not really covered as extensively in some of the similar courses available online as covered here. I can confidently recommend his program"

Naved KamalBrand Executive at a Multinational Company

A couple of months back as I had finished my graduation and was getting ready to enter the workplace, in the marketing sector to be specific, I started discovering that most of the employers actually expected the candidates to have a good solid knowledge in digital marketing. I then started searching online for digital marketing tips and techniques and at some point landed on this site. I took the 'Social Media Marketing' course to start with and just loved the simplicity that the course has been designed with and obviously the comprehensive nature of the contents that the course offers. I am surely up for taking few more courses here."

Tithi AnsariBBA Graduate with specialization in Marketing, Independent University

I found the materials of the course 'E-commerce & Email' to be really advanced and in depth. In fact it was just a brilliant addition to the knowledge base that I had already developed in E-commerce discipline during my course work and I was really happy to learn the theories and real life examples that the course offered to further sharpen my knowledge in E-commerce operation and that too quite deeply. Not need to say that the modules covering the Email Marketing concepts helped me gather a substantial knowledge on how a customer base can be nurtured to the utter benefits of an organization so very effectively and efficiently. I will highly recommend the course to anyone who really wants to develop a solid knowledge in the integral part of Digital Marketing."

Syed Farhan AlamBBA Student, Independent University