E-commerce & Email

E-commerce & Email

The E-commerce and Email stream will introduce you to the elements of a successful E-commerce website and the process of traffic generation. You will learn how to operate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and leverage the power of analytics to understand and optimize your E-commerce model for maximum impact.

Through dynamic on-site content and effective emails, you will learn how to nurture your customer base and enhance their user experiences with a variety of industry standard tools.

This stream will develop your understanding of the importance of email design and its impact on your email marketing efforts. It will also teach you how to perform A/B tests to analyze and optimize your campaigns.

Finally, you will respond to a range of different case studies showing how the level of customer service affects an E-commerce business in an industry where trust is key to the purchasing decision.

Topics covered include:

•      Conversion Rate Optimization

•      Business Model and Value Proposition

•      Logistics and Warehousing

•      Marketing Techniques and Strategies

•      Sales Tactics

•      Inventory Management

•      Payment Methods and E-commerce Transactions

•      Email Data Management

•      Linking, Calls-To-Action and Social Sharing

•      Growing Your Database and Building Your Subscriber List

•      Laws and Privacy Policies

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